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I am picking up my first 05 Victory Vegas in about 2 weeks.
I saw a few guys that have posted that they are getting 200 miles per tank.
I would like to know what is the best upgrades you can do to your bike to increase milage.
Exhaust? Tuners? MSD box?

I am new to this so any and all help would be great!


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I have an '05 Kingpin and get about 42-43 on long trips at about 60-70mph. In town I get around 35.I have the 92C.I. five speed with RPW Slash pipes and an S&S airbox.
A couple weeks ago I rode a trip with a friend who has an '08 Kingpin
and he got 46mpg.His is a stock 100C.I. six speed with an S&S intake and swept pipes.

I would love to get even better MPG but figure 40 or so is pretty good for bikes this big.
I don't know if you can expect to get much better mileage but I kind of doubt it.

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200 to a tank? I personally have not heard of that. Maybe and thats a big MAYBE if you run your tank dry. Which you should not do.

The most I got out of a tank was about 170 and that was only because there was not a gas station around.

My warning light comes on about the 125 - 130 mark. From that point I usually end up putting 3 gallons in. I get about 43 mpg give or take a 2 mpg doing 60-70mph.

Figure 125 miles with 1.5 gallons left at 45mpg(Our tanks hold 4.5). 1.5 gallons will average about 67 more miles, that would be just a bit under 200.

I don't think 200 is realistic without running your tank dry.

Kevin has a lot more experience with more models and hopefully will chime in on this.
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