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Howdy all,
well I have spent the better part of the last couple weeks reading all I can find in the forums on HD hard lowers and would like to know if anyone has any words of wisdom for the purchase (part number or paticular year model/style) or any installation tips.

I am looking at buying the NonVented style that is fitting the 2000-2010 HDs. I seent the vented but just not quite sure that is what I want but if it works better can live with it.

Why HD? Actually I just like the style. I have looked at two or 3 after market styles and not quite doing it for me. Found 1 pair I could fall back on in a similar price range (200 for the set) but again.. I just like the look of the HD hard lowers.

Looking for your inputs. This is for my 04 TC with stock bars on it. Thanks in advance!
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