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Had to do it. Got tired of 3 songs then 15 mins of advertising on the local radio station.

I followed the install instructions in the kit, except I did not remove the fuel tank. Instead I ran the cables over the throttle mechanism and praying it stays there.

The headlight bezel came off easily (4 clips, just pull). 4 hex bolts to remove the headlight assy. The connector plugs are on the left with black caps on them. Connected the iPod cable and ran it out the fairing, under the right side of the tank and under the seat. The seat was easy too, 2 hex bolts and it came right off. The instructions said to remove the saddlebag but I was able to connect everything with it in place.

I had 1/2 tank of fuel so I left the fuel tank in place instead of removing it and running the wires under it. It looked like a pain to drain the fuel (is there a shutoff somewhere???) and with the line centered on the frame it looked like it would be a mess anyway.

The manual had instructions for reprogramming the radio to see the iPod, but I think it was for the Vision. My iPhone plugged in and worked perfectly.

The display shows the name of the device (Joe's iPhone in my case), the band, and the song. The tune button changes the songs one-up or one-down. There's a slight lag to change songs, but nothing too bad.

I've only had the bike for 2 weeks and this was the first upgrade of my doing. Very glad I didn't pay to have it installed!

See you out in the roads somewhere
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