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Well there have been many threads on how the Thirdgears customs intake, S&S, and Lloydz TTI intake compare. Here are the results from a same bike same day comparison.

Intake shootout is in the books! We know that there are a couple out there that we did not get to test. Nick Pint as an example has had one out for a bit now, but we will get him next time.

First, this was a total blast; Bernie and I had a great time today. We had to squeeze these test between working on a 116" XC and installing cams in another XC. The Kustom Shoppe and HSP were getting it done.

The build: The bike was Bernie's personal V92c. He built the bike years ago. It is a 100" with Lloydz forged high compression pistons netting about 11.2, S&S .495 cams, Barnett clutch, RPW Thor 2-1 and an old Lloydz VFC.

The procedure: For each intake the was a warm up period and then a series off runs were made to adjust fueling requirements then a infrared thermometer was used to ensure that we had consistent engine case temperature and then the money run was recorded.

The intakes: The S&S was Bernie's that was on the bike. The Third Gear Custom and the Lloydz Torque Tubes I paid for.

The Facts:

1st Lloydz TT 129.4 ft-lb
2nd Third Gear Customs. 126 ft-lb
3rd S&S 124 ft-lb

1st Third Gear Customs 124.7 hp
2nd Lloydz TT 122.2 hp
3rd S&S 121.2 hp


Easy of installation (disregarding removal of the stock intake)

1st S&S very easy

2nd Lloydz pretty easy

3rd Third Gear Customs more involved than the other two, part of that was due to the fact the a V92 fuel tank did not clear the intake tube. Ended up putting 1/2 spacers and two 8mm by 40mm bolts in place of the stock 8mm by 30mm bolts to raise and retain the front of the front fuel tank; was able to use the two stock bolts at the rear of the tank.

The overlayed Dyno graphs sums it up pretty good.
Lloydz TT make torque, they out performed the S&S by 10 ft-lb until after 4500 rpm and also peaked HP at the lowest rpm of the group.

3rd Gear for the most part fell right in the middle between the Lloydz TT and the S&S below 4500 and then climbed up to post the highest hp and peaked at the highest rpm as well.

S&S did it's job and made good power, unfortunately just less than the other two. Part of the short coming of the S&S is that the design requires the in-coming air charge to make a 90* degree turn to enter the throttle body. While the TT and 3rd helps the air flow make a gentle directional change.

Certainly the is not the end all be all testing. The bike build is kinda unique or less mainstream, tuned with a VFC vs a PCIII or V (pre-08 so no PVCX or Maximus option).

Also did not conduct any part throttle recorded pulls. How does each intake perform when doing a 40% throttle roll-on to pass as an example.


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