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I'm riding a '07 Victory Hammer that has been a great bike for the almost 2 years that I've had it. I bought it from a Honda dealer who told me they pulled it from a Harley dealer that didn't want a bike on their lot that was better than any of theirs. Haha. Since they didn't take it directly in trade, they didn't know much about the bike. The most I know is that it's had stage 1 Victory performance exhaust, and a K & N air filter put on it. I will admit, I don't have much experience working on engines so I am not very bold when it comes to working on the bike.

Here's a little history.

When I got the bike, it idled pretty rough, required a fast idle at start up even when it was 80+ degrees. Ran pretty rough for the first 10 or 15 minutes and would pop and back fire occasionally until the bike was hot. The lifters are kind of loud too so I ran sea foam through it regularly. I cleaned the throttle body within the first 2 months which smoothed out the idle and eliminated some initial popping going down the road when the bike was still cold. I've kept it clean since then. I changed the spark plugs and the wires, but right or wrong I think my Vic is running too rich. I haven't had the balls to check for a Lloyd's timing wheel.

I live in Nebraska and was lucky enough to ride into November last year, but when the cold hit in December I was gone on business and didn't get a chance to treat the fuel. With previous bikes I've owned, I start and warm them up at least 1 or 2 times a week during the winter and haven't had the problems I just went through, but this is the first fuel injected bike I've owned. When I got back, I tried to start my Vic and she wouldn't take off. Finally this weekend I got a chance to work on it. Pulled and cleaned the plugs, cleaned the throttle bodies, verified my fast idle cable has slack when it's in the off position, checked for spark after gapping and replacing the plugs again. Still wouldn't start. I noticed the plugs were wet with fuel after I pulled them a second time. I let the combustion chamber air out for a few hours and tried again. It was pretty rough but I finally got some fire out of it but couldn't get it to stay running. Pulled and cleaned the plugs again but let it sit over night with them out this time. Finally got it running yesterday and it's started 3 times since. I'm assuming my injectors were pretty dirty and it needed to burn the carbon off.

I've been kicking around the idea of getting a Power Commander to work on some fuel mapping. Truthfully, would rather have a Vic shop look at the bike to see what all needs attention. I would likely see if it could be dyno tuned, but I want to know if I get a Power Commander that links into a laptop would be enough? I'm fairly far away from any shop so if I decide to add performance parts to my Vic in the future that require different mapping I'd like to be able to do it myself.

To sum this up, am I on the right track of my bike running too rich?

Do I need to do anything with the injectors before I worry about mapping or dyno tuning?

Would anyone recommend a dyno tuning over purchasing a Power Commander?

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First thing you need to do is a throttle point reset
If that doesn't get you straight. You need to check fuel pressure. 49psi
If you add a PC3 you will need a dyno tune. It may be a little bit of a pull for you, but I would highly recommend a trip to the Vic Shop in Adelle Iowa

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First off never start bike in winter unless your going to ride for a good hour.
If you start it in the winter and then shut it off you'll get condensation in the gas tank and motor.
auto stores sell spark plugs I think you have CPR6EB-9 NGK auto store p/n 5958. There cheap $6 bucks for a pair.
You say your plugs are wet sounds like your twisting the throttle when trying to start it. No need to.
Not sure why you think its rich. With your phone doing the math figure out your miles per gallon.
Sea Foam is good for gas treatment.
PCV will not fix your bike till you get it running correct.
Rylan is up in Iowa and is one of the best tuners you can find. Write him tell him all and maybe take your bike up to him. It will be well worth the trip.

Contact - The Vic Shop
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