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I bought my 8 Ball (2007) without speedo, turn signals and tail light.

In the meantime the speedo is installed in the mirror.
After that project I wanted start with the turn light. I bought some which are integrated in the grips (no LED). Therefore it should normally be an easy installation. I connected the new ones to the front turn light wiring harness.

The problem is they don't work. The dash signal works (faster because just one per side is connected) the turn signal itself not.
So I measured the voltage of the connections. Even if the turn signals are not active I measure 0.7V. No changes when I switch on the turn lights ( it might be possible that my volt meter is too slow).

Does the ACM have a continuously 0.7V voltage to monitor if a bulb is defect?
Since the ACM switches the dash light proper I don't think that the switch has any problems.

The bulbs are 21W version.

Any idea?
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