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Hi everyone - just gone past 1500 miles on my Kingpin and have loved every one of them so far. I can't believe the favourable comments from bikers and Joe public in general (they're really rare over here - most people think that it's some kind of Harley,but I soon put them right on that!).
I came across a problem in that I couldn't fit the 8 ball rack to my Kingpin due to the carbunkle of a number plate (licence plate) light sticking up way too high.:confused:
I had no other choice of rack (aftermarket Victory stuff is like rocking horse **** in England!) and didn't want to pay £300 :eek:($450ish) for a lay down plate mount so I had a go at modifying it myself.
I welded up the flute for the wires at the back of the plate nearest the seat (to give a neat finish when cut), then cut and filed both parts of the bracket to remove the part that held the light. I then mounted a small LED number plate light (£18 off of ebay) on the bracket, under the plate as an uplighter. Had it all powder coated, wired it in and it now looks lots neater and has the bonus of allowing the 8 ball rack to be fitted. I added an extremely illegal but cool looking black and silver plate to complete the new look!
Now i've somewhere to strap my tent for the rally season, so i'll be out and about spreading the Victory message.
Ride safe Manny:D
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