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Just got this press release, and thought I would share

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Victory Kingpin / Motorvation rig used to test motorcycle myth on Discovery Channel’s MythBusters

When the team at MythBusters needed a motorcycle and sidecar to test another myth, they called on Victory Motorcycles for the use of a 2011 Kingpin. The motorcycle was mated to a custom Motorvation Engineering Spyder sidecar creating a beautiful and powerful rig ideal for testing a brand new myth: that a bug strike could fatally injure a motorcyclist.

Without revealing any results, we can tell you that the rig came out of the test unscathed, and the MythBusters team had a great time riding the Victory at high speeds on a closed course. For a preview of tonight’s episode, follow the link below.

The “Bug Special” Episode of MythBusters premieres tonight at 9pm (Eastern and Pacific time) on The Discovery Channel. Check your local listings for times specific to your area, and for scheduled re-airing dates and times.
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