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leaking forkseal

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i have a 04 kingpin with 45,000mi i put on myself it needs forkseals never did one before. i do my own brakes,rear wheelbearings.put on a bigger drive sprocket ,1.5lowering brkt,changed 3 clutch cables.2 within 5,000mi till i fig. out the cure. take the edges off the cable slot in the barrel and use white grease.this cable has 15,000 on it.i welcome all help/tips with the forkseals
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You're due for the fork oil and service! About every 15,000 miles or 2 years.
Two special tools are needed to do the fork seals. )ne can be made with a length of PVC, and the other with a piece of all thread, and a couple of nuts. Get a manual, and review the proceedure. Looks a little scary, but is fairly easy.
When you go to order the parts the fische says you need two kits to do the job. It is wrong. One kit comes with everything for both tubes.

BTW white lithium has the bad habit of wadding in the cable housing. Get a pproduct called "Cable Life" along with the aplicator. The cable will pull better, and last longer
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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