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ok, I installed some LED front signals on my 07 Ness jackpot last weekend. well, I wasn't aware on pre 08 models the front rt signals polarity was reversed so I fried an ACM. Then I found out about in online....alittle late. OUCH!!

I already had an LED light bar on the rears so I invested in an MBW load equalizer and installed it also the weekend I smoked the ACM. The left channel works great and is a slower signal now.

I installed the new ACM today and checked the signals first at the rear harness and front connector to make sure everything was good and it was. when I activated the rt signal by the switch on the bars without the signals harness pluged into the LEDs the indicator light blinked slow. the minute I hooked up the LEDs to it, the light blinked fast. I also, changed the leads on the load equalizer and checked them all to make sure the connections were good. same result, fast blinker.

I'm lost as the all the signals work great, but the rt channel blinks as though there is no load equalizer. I ran the self diagnostic test and it gave a 16 code which points to a bad bulb, bad connection but again all signals work great. I'm baffled!! any thoughts would be appreciated :crzy:
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