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I have a 2013 Cross Country with Stage 1 download, Vic high flow air filter, and Ness Big Honker mufflers. I loved the look and sound of the D&D's so I bought a pair. Installed and took it for a ride and nothing but loud embarrassing up shift and down shift decel popping to the point I had to remove them. Looked for exhaust and intake leaks and found none. Ordered Lloyds IAV to try to at least tame it enough to use the D&D's. Well after a couple of days of messing around with the settings I have to say with a big smile that 95% of the up shift popping is gone and if it does pop its not very noticeable. The down shift popping has reduced by about 70% and is much quieter and controllable.
Now the way I finally ended up setting the IAV is as follows:

-Start as recommended by turning out the adjuster screw 4 full turns

-Start the bike which must be cold as in not running for at least 24 hrs

-Adjust the screw in until the bike wants to stall then adjust it out until it smooths out. On my bike the final setting is just a little less than 2 1/2 turns out and it's idling between 850 and 900 RPM's cold

That being said, I now have to give about 1/8 throttle and hold it for about 20 seconds at around 1500 RPM's when starting cold but its well worth it.

This in in hopes of helping anyone wanting to get rid of that embarrassing decel pop. This method worked for my bike but as we know all bikes and setups are different so this method may or may not work for you.

As the instructions state, always test your bike in a controlled environment for stalling issues etc.
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