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My bike has a PCV with autotune, RPW Thor with modified (more restrictive) baffle, Lloydz/S&S intake, and a Lloydz IAV.

There was a gas leak between the collector and the muffler which I eliminated with a liquid exhaust gasket. There is no more leak at that junction. I also have Fel-Pro header gaskets to address any leakage there.

That all said, I get loud popping on decel pretty often. I've tried to tune it out by adding a 13.2:1 (too rich?) AFR column at 0% TPS to find the right fuel trim there, and that has really helped the throttle roll-on (much less abrupt), I have taken the IAV from 4 turns out to 2 3/4 turns out (actually my dealer tried this), and it got louder and now the roll-on feels too soft.

Should I mess with the IAV more, or the fuel trims (actually the AFR target in the autotune map)? I'd like to do one adjustment at a time so I can track it, but given the two variables it would be great if a pro can suggest the right approach.

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