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Martin Luther King "Holiday"...begrudgingly signed into law by President Ronald Reagan, in November of 1983.

I was against it then, and I'm against it now...yeah, I'm a, no, I mean, no, wait...I'll get it...a, a...racist?...yeah, that's it! :D

Now, here's my opinion. :cool:

This "holiday" was "passed" simply because of the fear of negro violence that was threatened by "black leaders", such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc...remember the phrase "It's gonna' be a long, hot, summer"?...that's where THAT got started, to threaten the lawmakers into FORCING this "holiday" down the throats of America's citizens.

While I respect King for his courageous, non violent movement to obtain needed changes...especially in comparison to today's racist, violent negro tactics, encouraged by racist charlatans such as Jackson, Sharpton, obama, and Eric Holder, in places like Ferguson, Missouri, etc... he was NOT a saint, and had many things in his background, and through his known associates, that SHOULD preclude him, or anyone like him, from having a federally enforced "holiday" in his name.

Just like homo "marriage", the citizens of state after state did NOT want this "holiday", and it should NOT have been forced on the citizens when they repeatedly voiced their choice of "no"

Yet, just like was.

King is given credit for MANY things he did NOT write himself, such as "Letter from a Birmingham Jail", and "I have a dream", but actually stole from older white ministers.

Also, when the college that granted him his "doctorate"...Boston University... exposed the fact that King had stolen and plagiarized so much of the things he used in his doctoral thesis, they WANTED to strip him of the title "doctor", as they SURELY should have, and would have, had it been a white person found lying and cheating...but, again, after talking it over, they feared that old "ace in the hole" race card, "negro violence"...and we all know how spineless liberals are when it comes to anything requiring courage,* but especially standing up against threats of negro violence..."WHAAAA!, please don't hurt me, mister scary negro man!"..."ain't gonna happen!"..."zero, zip, nada!..."no way, Jose!"..."just give them what they want and make then go away!", the liberals whine...but that never works, because, sooner or later, it's time for ANOTHER new flat screen, or a new pair of "Air Jordans" the threats start all over again.

But, it's a FACT...King got caught, but nothing was done about it...even though there are those liberal "toadies" that have, and always will, rewrite history to try to change it, and lie, lie, lie to support their sainted effect, to "polish a turd" to speak. lol

However, for those that might have "missed it"...the former, federally funded "MLK Memorial Library", slated to be built in Washington D.C., as further ass kissing homage to the myth, had it's federal funding revoked...quietly, of course, for fear of..again...negro violence, and the much smaller "memorial" was subsequently built...with private Atlanta, Ga.

King was a brave, courageous negro leader, and for that, he should be respected...kind of like Pancho Villa was for the poor Mexicans...but, having a federal "holiday" forced on the citizens of this country in his name is simply WRONG, and is WHY so many people RESENT this "holiday", and have zero respect for it.

If King were alive today, seeing all the low hanging pants, drug use, rap music lyrics, totally out of control illegitimate negro birth rate, I doubt that he would be pleased with the present state of "his legacy" to the "negro condition" that liberals have created with their non stop, taxpayer funded, "bend over backwards" attempts at creating "equality" by instituting...without holding anyone accountable...such disastrous liberal policies of "quotas", "equal opportunity", and federally allowed "reverse racism", which is constantly used to allow negroes jobs, promotions, or entry into colleges and universities, such as the University of Michigan, when more qualified, higher scoring, white students are repeatedly passed over for acceptance, to allow less qualified, lower scoring negroes entry, in the name of "diversity on campus"...with the natural, on campus increase in violent crime rates.

No matter HOW liberals choose to "justify" it, THAT is federally enforced, legal RACISM, not "equal opportunity"...yet, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, the ACLU, and of course, the "justice department" of this country looks the other way, and allows that pernicious evil to exist..even celebrates it...further widening the racial divide that the racist, lying charlatan, obama, had "promised" to close..."Yep...keep your dang health care too, if ya' like it, there, boy!" lol

MLK always preached "judging a man by his character, rather than his color"...yet, federally enforced, legal, REVERSE RACISM is the present, politically correct, federally MANDATED policy of this nation, yet SHOULD be totally done away with, as it does NOT work, and has only led to a sense of entitlement for undeserving negroes, continuous threats of more negro violence, and true resentment by whites, as well as other races, native born, and those that have come here as immigrants, soon realize.

If America wants to truly "honor" MLK, for the courageous, non violent, racially blind policies that he DID promote... it should END these liberal, misguided, corrupt, racist policies based strictly on skin color...and kept in place by repeated threats of negro violence.



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