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Video - Monster Diesel Chopper Motorcycle

Lay your eyes on this diesel: a custom two-wheeled marketing machine that Monster Diesel hopes will change your perception of diesels for good.

Dr. Mat Zuckerman saw a void in the diesel industry and wanted to correct it. So with some heart-felt inspiration and a lot of research, he came up with a solution that could change how we think of diesel fuel – with an additive he calls Monster Diesel.

DR. MAT ZUCKERMAN: When you go into a gasoline station, there are three grades of gasoline and only one grade of diesel. So the world really needs premium diesel.

The inspiration for creating the product is a personal story for Dr. Zuckerman. About six years ago, he had a massive heart attack.

DR. MAT ZUCKERMAN: One of the things they gave me after my heart attack is this little bottle, and it's nitroglycerine, and it's an explosive.

Really the inspiration for the product is, if you can harness nitroglycerine so that you can carry it around with you, I can make it so you can use it as an energy source in the confined space of an engine.

This formula may be dynamite-in-a-bottle only in the figurative sense, but there's no denying the explosive marketing potential the company got from TLC's American Chopper and Orange County Choppers resident bike expert, Paul Teutul, senior. Paul and his crew designed this unique diesel-powered motorcycle to showcase monster diesel.

DR. MAT ZUCKERMAN: This fuel is a liquid and it's hard to show what it does, but the motorcycle really does it. You know, the only diesel motorcycles are some military applications using jet fuel…those are the only ones. This is a motorcycle that uses an engine that you use on a farm for pumping water or generating power. Now we've made it mobile instead of stationary.
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