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Due to reading quite a few “bad” or “negative” posts in regards to their service I emailed prior to the purchase.
My initial email:“Hello, I am looking at ordering a set of Zoomies in May … I have seen a few blogs that have stated 8 week or more on turnaround time and want to order accordingly so I can have my pipes by Sturgis Rally week. Thanks"
Their reply: “That was LAST year !!!!!, read the date of the post. All of our best selling Victory pipes (Ripper's, Zoomies, and T-Ds for the Baggers) are almost always in stock. Thanks"
Even though the reply seemed a bit aggressive in my opinion for customer service to a person that hasn’t even ordered yet and enquiring about your products, I ordered my pipes. One: because I really like the look of the zoomies. Two: everyone has stated they liked the product. I placed my order on March 24th (a Sunday so really the 25th) and received them today April 16th. Turnaround on the pipes in my opinion for a custom product (even though I was told they are “almost always in stock”) was pretty good. The product looks great!! I can’t wait to get them mounted ( I need to wrap them first) and see what they sound like. The welds seem to be uniform and clean, the coating seems to be good and the packaging of the product was second to none. THREE layers of protection (foam wrap, bubble wrap and then shipping paper)!!! Would be nice to have torque specs on the instructions for those that do not have a repair manual ( I do).
Now my customer service experience. I NEVER received ANY communications from them after the purchase unless I called them. I emailed asking for an email or tracking number when my product shipped. I never received a reply to that email, so I called to make sure that there wasn’t a problem with the payment type since I had not seen the transaction on my statement. The gentlemen that answered the phone stated that it would be 2 to 3 weeks for the product to ship since it was not in stock and had to be made. I was cool with that. I asked him to send me an email or tracking number when that happened and he stated that he would. I called at the 2 week mark and spoke to a woman this time. She was very pleasant to deal with and stated that it would be shipped on a specific day in 1 week and that a tracking number would be sent to me. A couple of days after my product was supposed to be shipped I called wondering the status. Again the same woman answered the phone and checked on my order. She stated that the order had shipped the day that she told me it would and she was surprised to hear that I had not received a tracking number. She checked to make sure they had my email, they did. She apologized and gave me the tracking number.
That is my experience with Hackers. Now make of it what you will. As stated in A LOT of other posts, product is good, customer service is lacking in my opinion. Would be a great company if they would change their practices in the communications with their customers.
Good Day and Happy/Safe riding
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