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I sold my Honda VTX 1800 and am now seriously shopping for a Victory. I want a cruiser model, and have a preference for a Jackpot or a Jackpot Ness, probably 2007 to 2009 model year range, and more comfortably in the 2007 end of the range due to budget.

I have looked at a few Jackpots and Jackpot Nesses, and have ridden one Jackpot (liked it, despite the wide tire effect on turning :) ).

I am seeing multiple 2007 models, and not much newer unless very new and thus costlier. This makes sense since 2007 was the last good sales year for bikes, before the Great Recession severely damaged the industry.

I'm seeing about a $2000 to $2500 difference in asking prices between the Jackpot and the Ness, when comparing bikes of truly similar condition and accessories.

I can swing the Jackpot no issue, but the Ness challenges my budget.

My question is: Is the extra cost of the Ness, on these 7 year old bikes, worth it?

Now, I do see some appreciable differences between the Arlen Ness and Cory Ness bikes versus a regular Jackpot. I have highlighted via an asterisk the features that I appreciate enough to pay more money for:

- Way more complex and nicer paint (I appreciate the Arlen Ness paint scheme but the Cory ness one does nothing for me beyond a standard Jackpot in say that nice bright yellow with blue & purple flames, so the asterisk is for an Arlen ness only)*
- Nicer Ness billet wheels (but are they chromed or just polished & clear coated??)
- Chrome swingarm*
- Chrome engine covers*
- Nicer bars (larger diameter and drag bar shaped)*
- Chrome foot controls
- Nicer seat (a Lapera, actually)*
- HID headlight? (Not positive about this)*
- Diamond cut heads (nicer, and cool better)*
- Braided stainless steel brake and clutch lines (nicer & better brake performance due to no expansion of line under pressure)*
- Chrome forks versus polished alloy? (Not sure about this)*
- Nicer Ness mirrors*
- Chrome muffler support bracket

I especially appreciate chrome versus polished alloy, because it stays nicer longer, provided you keep the chrome clean and polished.


- Have I identified all the differences?

- Is the $2000 to $2500 extra worth it? Would it be worth it to YOU?

- Do the Ness bikes also bring any DISadvantages? For example, my wife pointed out that a regular headlight bulb is what, maybe $25 to $50, but what does it cost to repair an HID headlight that fails??

Jim G

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That's a long list of some very expensive items. Is it worth $2000 to $2500? Probably. Definitely yes, if you'd want to add a few of those items to the regular Jackpot. The wheels alone would top the difference.

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Hey there. I kind of went through a very similar process a few months back. First off, I think the Ness jkpts are exceptional scoots and you won't be disappointed ever. I'm pretty sure the HID light was an option as my Ness has halogens for both the high and low beams. There are aftermarket HID kits available, of course, one which is offered by a moderator of this forum, Crossroads. As for the cost difference b/t the two, there's no way you would be able to turn a Jackpot into a Ness for $2k. Then there is the limited production of the Ness models which to my mind make it more attractive as they are reasonably rare beasts. :D
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