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Went with my wife to Cali this past week end, got her a 2011 VV 8 Ball. She traded in her 2004 Shadow Sabre 1100 for it. Got about 10 miles away from the shop and she did her first u-turn on it. Nailed it. Should have seen the look on her face when I told her we were doing a u turn:crzy:
Anyway, is everyone running the recommended tire pressure or different? Our last 2 bikes, her Sabre and my 1800 VTX I was running the tires at 40/40.
So she rode from Covina Ca to Vegas where we live. Probably 300 miles in total. She likes the bike, did comment on the heat coming off the engine but I told her any bike with body work is going to put out heat. I bought a Kawasaki Vaquero in May and it puts out a fair amount of heat also.
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