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Greetings all,

Although I am based in the UK, my next project is to buy a tourer in the US and leave it there, riding it for 2 or 3 weeks a year.

Let's get the flaming material out the way - I do own a Harley Ultra in the UK. Won't say sorry but hope you all understand....:)

I have always fancied the idea of a Victory but the really are so few dealers here to support the bikes.

I started my project off looking at a Road King on Craigslist, but it became apparent that, for a low mileage used tourer, Victory really does offer unbeatable value. So, now I am in the market and my head is full of the key questions -

Which years / models were dogs
What should I look out for

I like he look of the V92TC, so will be keeping an eye out for that. I am keen on EFI rather than carbs as the bike will be standing a lot and I am really keen on hassle free biking as my time out there is so short.

Budget wise, $8k seems about right but I would consider going higher. Not too keen on something that has been heavily customised and I am not so concerned about aesthetics - this bike needs to work hard and earn its corn! I would rather spend my dollars on comfort and reliability (ie low miles)

Look forward to my time on here
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