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Yeah...second time it has happened to me. I buy a new tire and within a couple of weeks (first time was within a day)...I get a puncture.

Today's puncture was in my front tire. I pulled the nail out...and luckily (or unluckily) it did not penetrate all the way through the tire. So then I had decision to make...

Do I just ride it like it was (a small hole, but no leak), PLUG the tire or replace.

I decided to go ahead and plug the tire with my DynaPlug Pro.

The only problem I had was to try and force the plug through a "non-existent" hole which I ended up having to use a HAMMER to force it into the tire. Once it was through...I just pulled it right back out and the plug worked PERFECTLY. Didn't lose not a single pound of air...ZERO leak while fixing the puncture.

I was very impressed with the DynaPlug Pro.

I may go ahead and swap the tire out anyway...but I felt better plugging than I did riding with a hole in the rubber.
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