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Hello everyone!

Been around motorcycles and motorcycle forums for a number of years now, so I figured after lurking around here for a few months it was only right to join. Currently have a 2007 Ness Jackpot that I got last June. The only things I've done are the Stage II drags, saddlebags with quick-detach hardware, and added a little over 5k to the odometer.

I also have a question right off the bat - does anyone know how many 2005 Ness Kingpins were made in the Purple Haze paint? A buddy of mine is thinking of buying one and I told him it would be a great bike to get because it was the first year Victory made a Ness bike, and that I thought they were pretty limited, but how limited, I don't know. I'll post this in the Kingpin section as well if I don't get any feedback here.

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