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Hello . . . picked up a 2014 XCT - sonic blue / silver - a few weeks ago. Trying to figure out how to navigate this board. I'm in the far north of California.

Trying to figure out what all the abbreviated terms for performance mods mean (i.e., AFR+, Lloydz Hi Flow Filter, Lloydz ATS +6, Lloydz 1/4 Throttle).

Can a Victory dealer do the Lloydz performance mods?
Will the mods conflict with warranty matters?
Will the mods conflict with California emissions requirements?

Not looking to create a hot rod bike, just let it breath a little better while maintaining best possible fuel economy and maybe cool the motor down a few degrees.

Love the stock bike... Handles great for a big heavy bike. Rides like a Town Car. Thanks for the insight. sheets
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