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Hello everybody,

please let me introduce myself first:

My name is Joachim, I am 45 years old and living in Munich, southern Germany. Having reviewed some threads within this forum I believe that I am some kind of initial german member at Victory Forums.

I love going on tour in the Alpes and its small, curvy country roads.

I am currently riding a Sportsbike (BMW R1200S). However, since I have seen and tested the 2010 Victory Hammer I am seriously considering selling my BMW and replacing it by a new Hammer S in Spring 2011. I hope that the Hammer S will satisfy me at lower speeds, as well. The BMW is a perfect bike but wants to be operated at 120 km/h or more to have some fun (dangerous for both health and licences, sometimes).

Next week, I have arranged to rent a Harley Fat Bob for a whole day just to finally check if the cruising way of riding provides to me that kind of motorbike feeling I am looking for. However, buying a HD is not an option for me (technically too outdated, lack of performance, poor standard look, etc.). Since Victory Motorcycles are currently not yet being provided for full day rental in Germany I need to do the HD workaround.

Please apologise my language deficiencies (I am not a native US speaker). However, I would be grateful if you could already provide some feedback regarding the following questions. The answers may have sigificant impact on my decision to buy or not to buy.

1. In my region there is only one Victory dealer available. Victory motorcycles, associated spare parts and logistic support is very limited in Germany. Just in case of any unscheduled maintenance or repair required, are there any other dealers in US (or somewhere else) available that sell and deliver parts to private persons in Germany in short term? Are there any significant problems you can imagine when using such an exotic bike in my Country?

2. I try to wait with my purchase until March 2011. I noticed that year 2011 will also introduce some changes to the Hammer S. I could not figure out any associated changes on the Victory homepage . Do you know what changes will be introduced to the German 2011 Hammer S? Is it worth to wait?

3. There are only minor aspects with the Hammer that I do not really like. 1st: The cable operated clutch seems to have very limited life. 2nd: The exhaust system with German homolgisation (huge pipes with no sound). I have figured out that there is a hydraulic clutch option available. Are there any experiences you may already share? Regarding the exhaust, there is already a very expensive option in Germany available (approx. 1400€). I would be grateful if you have any alternative idea.

Thanks in advance for your qualified feedback. I am almost certain that, if I achieve an agreement with my local dealer, I will become a Hammer-S owner and active Victory member in short term.
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