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Hey yall!

New member here from the central valley area of Northern California. Started riding back in the early 90s then took an extended break. Just got back into it last year and can't wait to get my first Victory. I was going the HD route but after seeing the Cross Country up close and personal I am sold!

How did I see the Cross Country you say?? Well let me tell you...

The wife and I went to Arlen Ness in Pleasanton two weeks ago. Just as we were walking into the store here comes Arlen walking down the stairs. Now I've listened to my father talk about knowing Arlen from the 60s in his riding days but I didn't think I was going to meet him!

Talk about a really down to earth guy. After getting a tour of the business we found his custom Cross Country and all I have to say is WOW!!:eek:

I can honestly say the pictures on his blog do not do this bike justice. Arlen signature paint job really made this bike pop. I had asked if they really tweaked the bike to make it their own and was amazed at how little they did to it.

While looking at the saddlebags (which are ginormus!!) I hear Arlen from behind me say, "Well sit on it" :eek:

After refusing a few times I finally gave in and had a seat. Talk about comfortable. Then I hear, "Well take it off the kickstand."

I could not believe how light and easy it came off the kickstand. Incredible. I ride a little Yammi 650 right now and could not believe it. It seriously felt like it was a third of the weight of my Yammi.

I can honestly say after sitting on several styles of HD I am totally sold on this Victory. I can not wait for them to be released. I'm interested to read on here about customer satisfaction and the reliability of the Victory line.

Disclaimer: No thats not me in the picture. Wife was so excited she forgot to take a picture of me on it! :p

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