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My name is Scott and I have an 06 Red/flames Victory Jackpot Premium and just acquired a red 2013 CCT. I have had the Jackpot for a couple years and have had the intake and pipes done with a custom dyno tune on it. It runs ok, but is slow from what I am used to. Before I get jumped for that let me preface what I am used to. I was raised on v65's (magna & sabre), vmax, I had a 900xp side by side repowered with a turbo apex (snowmobile motor) dynoed 250 rwhp at 11psi boost. I also run a raptor 660 sport quad repowered with a zx14 Kawasaki motor. I only wish the jackpot had the legs of the zx14 motor, now that would kick ass. Maybe due that on a future build, who knows.
I just acquired the CCT but am not the biggest fan. I drove a cross road and cross country during the dealers demo rides when the Polaris semi rolled into town and I do believe my words at the time were, "never will I own one of these". They sure don't handle like my jackpot, they are really tippy and unstable but I guess it goes with the fairing and top trunk. That and they were just plain slow. I did have a deposit down on a bmw k1600gtl which is a rocketship in both technology and performance to the victory but one big problem with BMW, design issues that BMW is refusing to admit and change. My family has had BMW's for years and they probably set the definition for "bulletproof" with the boxer twin. I figured the K1600gtl would be another home run for them, 139 rwhp and 100 lbs lighter than the victory, incredible handling, adaptive headlight, Bluetooth, nav, the works but dam the "bugs". A failing waterpump design that continues on after 2 years of warrantee issues, combined with both left and right controls that use copper ribbons bonded to the plastic that expand in heat at different rates that crack and leave you dead along side the road on a hot day. Fuel pump issues that have spawned a recall on some models. I visited our local dealer last week to see if the problems were real and widespread and guess what rolls in while I was there, a k1600 with a leaking water pump. That just made up my mind for me. I just couldn't take the chance so I walked away and ate my deposit.
Harleys weren't really an option for me as I am taller 6'2" and don't fit the ultra limited very well. So it left me with the victory as we tour more now with 1200 mile weekends and need the storage. My jackpot has held up well for me the last couple years and I do drive it hard. I am not selling the jackpot either. We like to ride around town and its very manageable not to mention, looks and sounds bad to the bone as well.
Just wanted to say hi. I have no allegiance to any brand whether it be motorcycle, atv, car or truck. All have their strengths and weaknesses, so if it sounds like I am cutting something down I am not just pointing out weaknesses. Like I said, the cross country would not be my personal first choice but the best of choices I have right now given my need for reliability. I just wish Victory would go the full 9 yards and put some real quality paint and chrome on these. I you are going after the Harley market, own it. Give customers everything that is great about the Harleys and then give them what Harley will not, that's how you take market share.
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