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Received and have ridden on my brand new mustang seat! The stock seat was painful after an hour or so. I like to ride more than an hour at a time (go figure). I ordered both of the mustang seats, tried them, and stuck with the wider vintage wide touring version. The daytripper looked a lot nicer on the bike, much sleeker and all, but not nearly as comfortable. The wider seat is also a bit taller than my stock seat, but I figure that most of the time my feet are on the floor boards so I am more worried about my butt being comfy for long rides.
It looks good too, much more support, a bit deeper too. The passenger cushion is much wider and thicker as well, which the wife seems to prefer (happy wife, happy riding life).
Anyways, here ya go, the place where my butt should be seated for the next zillion or so miles!


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