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Hello all,

I've got a '14 Highball with 1000 miles on it since 2 thursdays ago.

You can say I'm enjoying it a lot.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to using this forum and will use more of the features offered as I figure out how to use them.

San Diego
'14 Highball

ps. In using the search feature, I was unable to find a thread about improving the rear suspension. At 6'6" 250lbs I bottom out on big bumps and would like to fix that. Either through adjustment or aftermarket.

pps Also, RPW Thor 2 into 1 or victory 2 into 1? That's what I've narrowed my choices to but feel free to suggest others.

Directing me to threads this has been discussed on already would be great.


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Welcome and Congrats on the High-Ball!

The Search tab isn't so user friendly all the time, you really need to be very specific with terms and word usage. You will probably be better off viewing the High-Ball Thread on this forum.

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