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So last winter Rivco Products in Burlington WI asked for a test bed bike.

Great guys to work with, many parts they source locally or at the least made in America.

The big things that are coming are spacers that allow you use HD(or HD compatible) trunk racks but adjust for our angles on the trunk lids.

A trailer hitch for Cross bikes.

Passenger armrests.

Here are the passenger armrests They replace factory brackets to mount these, you do have to notch the cover a bit for the new brackets but the they are tool less removable(mount bracketry stays in place).

I know opinions vary but I like the way these look much better the factory option. Look/feel a lot more stout and I know these were made locally, Victory ones, who knows. I like buying American(why I ride Victory) even like supporting local guys more.

Here are some photos on my bike.

Not sure when all the parts are going to go live, but it should be very very soon.

RIVCO Products - Motorcycle Parts & Accessories


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Nope, not live yet.
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