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I just picked up this 2001 v92c in a trade deal that pretty much gave me the bike for free. I don't know anything about victory's as I've been riding sport bikes for around 15 years now.

Looking to find out some more info on the bike. I'll have a few chrome items for sale too (engine covers) as soon as I am able to post those in the for sale forum. I heard that the yellow paint is a rare color to have, is this true? I'm thinking of repainting the tins matte black and I'm going to powercoat most of the chrome in a matte black.

Here is my other bike, lets say there was a slight difference between the two, lol.

Other than that, I'm an E6 in the Navy stationed at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma been in right at 8 years. Plan on taking the Vic to Sturgis this year.
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