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Been following this forum for awhile now. I've been really interested in the XC for about a year now but not in a position to get another bike yet so I'm just reading this forum to get a feel from you current owners about your bikes and more specifically the XC. My current ride is a Kawi Vulcan 2000 which is one awesome bike. I really don't want to get rid of it but I want to get into a full-on touring bike. Now that Vic has put out the XCT I'm really interested in going Vic. In the interest of full disclosure I'm also looking at the HD Road Glide Ultra. Now that Vic has put out the XCT, I think it is very comparable to the RGU as far as price and equipment.

My dilemma right now is whether to go with HD and their dealer network and aftermarket support or with Vic and their more modern technology but fewer dealers and aftermarket support. It's great to hear you current owners state how reliable your Vics are and that a lack of dealers everywhere is not that big an issue.

I have ridden then RGU and really like it. I'm getting ready to hit the Vic Demo Tour this Friday to try out the XC and hopefully the XCT as that's the model I'm really interested in. Has anybody hit a demo tour recently and did they have an XCT to try out?

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I'm following you guys pretty closely about your experiences with Vic and more specifically the cross bikes. If things go well I hope to get one sometime this year!
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