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Hello everyone, I'm new here.
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Welcome. Please post about yourself, your bike, and your location. We love pictures so please do not hesitate to share some of your bike.
What /\ said and welcome enjoy the forum
Welcome from Southern Oregon, ride safe and have fun.
Welcome aboard, from down in Oz. Wotcha riding?
New to forum, not to Victory.
I have a '14 XC with all the additional gear to make it uniquely mine.
I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and have ridden eastern Canada & Northeastern US.
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Welcome to the forum Bob, east coast has some great roads enjoy the info available here....
Tom666 you beat me by two days. I picked up my 2014 15th edition CCT on Tuesday and I'm loving it. If you find any interesting tips, please share with me and I'll do the same.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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