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(7:35 am) Route 60 out of Chesterfield County (Richmond- close enough) to route 24. Unseasonably chilly this AM especially in the low/ shady spots so we stopped at Appomattox courthouse to thaw a bit (left jackets at home due to forecast- baking temps expected)

We approached the gate to go visit the house where Lee & Grant met. Upon the discovery of the $10/vehicle entry fee- we said "No thanks" and continued on to 460 west.

On to Roanoke- well Salem.. Had to stop by the college to replace my girlfriends car sticker.. :rolleyes:

Real daughter posed where my "stepdaughter" posed a year ago upon graduation.. Both her and her BF graduated from here, so they got a kick out of this shot..

After putzing around for a few minutes in this area- we went on to meet up with our best friends now living here in Salem. Our daughters have known each other for -literally- their entire lives.

He (left) has a 06 HD Deuce with the death star/ stage 12/ area 51 screaming banshee upgrade. (it's a 103 @ about 94 HP) but he is somewhat riding-restricted. (marriage) I get him out when I can. He spent enough time on the Judge to be blown away.

After long lunch- we got some fuel (had about a gallon to go- just shy of 47mpg on that tank) and hit the northbound Blue Ridge Pkwy. Within seconds- the first moving vehicle I see- a Tequila Gold Victory CC heading south. It's gonna be a good ride.
We stopped a couple times. I talked for several minutes to a Triumph rider, who also loved the bike (but he was clearly more about the baggers/ touring models) But to be real- we just kept moving for the most part. It was damn hot by this point and the bugs were pretty irritating after about 5-10 minutes. This is MUCH better than the last run I made in this area. Stopping was basically out of the question 4-6 weeks ago. Total instantaneous swarm.

Exited the parkway about 65 miles later @ Rt 60 (not far from Buena Vista). This road goes almost directly to my door. Rt 60 at home is a main artery - packed SOLID with lights, commerce, and all the associated traffic. Basically a PITA to be avoided at all costs. But out here-- bwhahahahahah :ride: this is a 20 mile downhill rollercoaster- more twisty than the parkway. Daughter was whoop whooping the entire descent. One day- I'm going to have a nice camera mounted and tape it. My phone takes good videos, but has to be held. The vibration from the bike is too much for it to handle when mounted on my RAM X grip.

Made a few stops along the way back home- Harleys at each one, of course. Back home about 7:30ish. About 360 miles total. Sore butt for about 30 minutes afterward, but back on and rode it to work this AM. Ready for the next one.
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