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The missus and I decided to get bluetooth for our helmets. We both wear Nolan N43s, which are very comfortable, and wanted to be able to talk on long cruises. In the past, we'd "converse" by shouting over the wind/stereo, tapping each other and pointing, etc., and then catching up, if we remembered, at the next rest stop.

I installed the integrated N-Com system a couple of weeks ago and we've been on a couple of long rides. The system is great! The install/device pairing is easy, the stereo speakers are good, not great, the microphone is exceptionally good at filtering background noise, the ebox (the bluetooth interface) is integrated into the helmet so you don't look like you've glued a hunk of plastic to your helmet, and the interface with the iPhone is seamless via phone commands provided by the iPhone itself.

The call quality is clear and the callers are invariably disbelieving when I tell them I'm riding my motorcycle. I'm sure part of it is the relative quiet of the XC with the air management system. The quality between rider and passenger, the main reason we purchased the system, is clear and loud.

The only complaints I have about the system is that the stereo speakers provide quality sound but not very loudly, if you wear earplugs, which I do, and the interface for the ebox can be difficult to use with winter gloves.

In all, we're happy we purchased the system, definitely a big thumbs-up from us. thumb up
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