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Protect what protects you! The Ogio 800 helmet bag is a convenient and sensible way to keep your lid safe. This bag won’t damage the finish on your helmet with its soft fleece-lined interior, plus, unlike many helmet bags - the zippers are shielded in such a way as not to scratch your helmet’s finish.

Two pockets on the exterior are available for things like goggles (for you dirt bikers) and cleaning supplies for your helmet’s visors. There’s also plenty of room inside not only for your helmet, but also a spare visor or three. The bag is vault-like enough to comfortably fit even the largest of full-face helmets.

Get in touch with TJ to have this fine bag sent you way. Call him at 866.931.6644 ext 817 and we’ll send one to you ASAP. Email works too, send us a note at FORUM at ridersdiscount DOT com for any questions you may have.

What could be in THIS bag?

We have a few bags left in this black/silver color as well as solid black with white zippers.

Note the flap that keeps the zipper off your helmet!

Good place to hide a signed Rossi helmet. :D

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