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Oil Pressure Sensor Switch

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I have a 2013 Judge with 62K on it. I bought it when it had 20K back in 2016. I changed the oil the other day and noticed that the LO OIL indicator comes on when I turn the key on, but then immediately goes out within a couple of seconds before I start the engine. It stays out when the engine is running and also when I cut the key off. It does not come on again until I recycle the key to on again and then the process repeats itself. It does not come on when I run the engine etc. I know this is abnormal and my question is has any one else ever had this problem. I checked the wire and it looks OK . So I think it must be the switch unit that is stuck in the compressed mode. That is why when I turn the ignition on and the electrical impulse gets there it switches the LO OIL indication off. So I ordered a new sensor switch yesterday. Any advise. I know about using a multimeter etc. to check it but just do not want to go to the trouble right now, maybe later if the new switch does not do the trick.
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