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I usually don't bash anybody or any site, but after a not too good experience this week and a few more in the past I got enough and I think that I have to share in order to prevent this happening to somebody else, people who does bad business online or they are just plain rude, don't deserve to remain unknown!! somehow people have to find out that this or that site is not good and take their business someplace else where appreciated, I’m going to list a few places where I had a bad experience but also the other ones where I had good and mixed results!! This just my experience and my opinion, so feel free to share yours!!


-Chaparral Motorsports:
I placed an order and I received and email with confirmation and order number, no tracking number or anything, waited for a few days send an email... no answer, waited a little more and called.. After waiting for a long long long time somebody picked up, it was a nice guy but he didn't have a clue about anything!! I told him my order number, my name, etc. etc. and he said that I wasn't in the system!! And such order didn't exist!! Then he apologized and told me to call the next day, I was ok with that!! My order was placed on Tuesday morning and I paid for 2nd day shipping so it wasn't that bad, it was just a confusion and my tires will be arriving Thursday or Friday. Next day I called again and after waiting for a longer time than the first time a guy picked up, asked me for all the info and then the call was lost!! :mad: dialed again, waited for a while again and a lady picked up and started all over again, then she told me that it was a technical mistake and was their computer fault!! but that she could take my order on the phone (with an attitude of you are distracting me from my lunch) I had plans for that weekend and I was expecting to do it with new tires, so instead of getting mad I said ok, let’s do this... maybe they feel bad about it and they send it fast, or give me a discount or something!! :ltr: what a fool!!, she gave me my total and then she said: your tires should be arriving in about mmmm 5 to 7 business days and it was Thursday, I said: hey I paid for the 2nd day shipping!! And she answers me with a worst attitude than before: our 2nd day shipping offer doesn't apply to oversized items!! You should read the restrictions!! I told her that I knew that but that in the checkout it showed another 2nd day shipping for $9.99 with no restriction at all!! The free one was restricted this one wasn't... this was the worst part!! she got mad and told me that if I wanted my tires with 2nd day shipping I had to pay something like $150 :crzy: then she started talking at the same time and lecturing me, that’s when I told her to cancel my order, that I was taking my business someplace else!! First and LAST try with CHAPARRAL MOTORSPORTS

-Motorcycle Accessories International: or

2 tries ZERO success!! First I was looking for some handlebars and they offered lowest price warranty, I was ordering a few things from them and found the handlebars cheaper in other site, so I asked them about the price and their answer was: that is the price!! mmm so thinking that maybe it was a mistake or something, so I asked again, and got the same answer!! It was weird but ok if you don't want to give me the better price I understand!

second try and last!!! I was shopping for an exhaust and they had the exact one that I was looking for! At a great price! I double checked the part number in several forums, at bassanis web page, etc. etc.!! And happily placed my order!! What a nightmare!!! After a few days of waiting they send me an email telling me that the part number that I ordered was discontinued by the manufacturer :confused: that I needed another one that of course was $150 plus!! Then I call them and told them: hey that part isn't discontinued I just checked in other sites and with the manufacturer and that's the correct one!! And the guy was like NO you need this one and it’s going to be $150 more, after a few calls I realized that they just where playing with my mind, they had a wrong price in their website and they weren't going to accept it!! Or send me my exhaust so I decided to cancel!! I just had to wait 12 days for a refund!! :mad: so no more business with MOTORCYCLE ACCESSORIES INTERNATIONAL


-Motorcycle Superstore:

Many times with success!! One or two not that good but they were willing to fix it!! And just one time that I wished I went someplace else, but it was just a moronic employee!!

-Custom Dynamics:

Top Notch service!! thumb up every time!!

-Phat Performance Parts:

Many good times and just one bad, ordered something that appeared in stock and it wasn't took a while but they fixed it!!thumb up

-Riders Discount: mostly at

ZERO problems!!

-EBAY: I found the best results in here, and much better if you use PayPal!! Vendors behave a lot better if you have a way to say something about them and a way to get your money back other than going to the bank (PayPal)

-Metric Thunder:


-Conquest Customs:

Excellent too!!

I hope this helps somebody! have a great weekend!!
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