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Ok so maybe I am behind the times but just figured out how to load my owner manual and service manual PDFs onto my IPad so I always have access. Should work on the iPhone too but of course something went wrong on that one. Will figure it out later. So if you would like to do this:

Copy your PDFs to a directory on your main computer you sync to you know they will stay at for ITunes to load. I made one IDocs and dumped all the PDFs in it.
Open ITunes, File, add file and then select our PDFs
In ITunes select your IPad (mine syncs wirelessly) and right click then going to IBooks tab.
Sync all. You should see the PDFs get added to library.

On your iPad or phone download IBooks which is free
Sync to your main computer
Open IBooks and change file type to PDFs

Should see your manuals as PDFs. My iPad just got more useful. Lol

I did the iPad first but like I said my phone didn't sync them. Not sure why.

Hope someone else finds this useful and I'm not the ny ne that didn't know. Lol

Safe riddin
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