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So I've made two ordered with them. Each time I get the usual confirmation email with an expected delivery date, both have been 2-3 weeks after I place the order. Each time I hear nothing from them. Each time I send them an email asking if there is a backorder or some kind of problem a day after the expected delivery date. Each time I get an email back within an hour saying that my parts are shipping that day. Each time iI get an email within an hour after with a tracking number.
I have no problem waiting if there is an issue like a backordered part but they leave me in the dark about what is going on with no explanation. It seems a little strange to me that both times the order ships the same day I ask about it. Almost like they forgot to ship it and I just reminded them about my order.
The first order I made with them I ordered the wrong part, actually right part wrong year. I contact them and explain my screw up and they agree to exchange it for me. Couple weeks go by and I get a voicemail from them saying the correct part will be in tomorrow and will be shipped out to me that day. By then I already placed my second order. I call them back saying that I already have another order in and they can just put that part in with the new order if it's easier for them. She agrees and even says that she'll refund my shipping on the exchanged part. Got a package on Tuesday with just the exchanged part and no refund on my credit card.
Their prices are pretty good, after a coupon code, and the woman I felt with on the phone was very pleasant but their shipping department seems to be a problem. I've read reviews that say people would get phone calls if a part was going to be even a day late so I'm a little surprised that I've had the same problem with them twice.
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