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Joined back on Aug 3 . . . posted intro on the 4th. From what I read I need to post in here twice before I can access the forum. So, . . .
three months later with 3200 miles on the blue/silver XCT here I am trying to figure out the combination to this forum.

Still trying to determine what the performance mod abbreviations mean; i.e., AFR+, Lloydz Hi Flow Filter, Lloydz ATS +6.

Can a Victory dealer do the Lloydz performance mods?
- Will the mods conflict with warranty matters?
- Will the mods conflict with California emissions requirements?

Not looking to create a hot rod bike, just let it breath a little better while maintaining best possible fuel economy and maybe cool the motor down a few degrees.

Is there a thread to search for that has pix of various styles brands/vendors and installations of auxiliary driving lights.

Love the stock bike... Handles great for a big heavy bike. Rides like a Town Car. Thanks for the insight.

I'm in the far north of California. sheets
2014 sonic blue/silver XCT

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Go to the tech forum and you can find out how to install the timing wheel takes about twenty min to do. Guessing dealer would charger you say $75 bucks to do. Same for air filter. Witchdoctor has a video on the air filter. By the way you tube has a video on the timing wheel.
Run the wheel at +4 for a stock bike
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