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Post clutch change issue(s)

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Hey Gang, First time posting, long time lurker.

I recently changed out my stock clutch plates for the barnett OE replacements. Install was way easier than I thought... except for now Im experiencing some really weird issues that I've not run into on any motorcycle (or car) and Im not even sure how to Google search it.

The good:
1. The install went well. Im just a shade tree mechanic but Im not exactly a newb, been at this stuff for 20 years, so Im fairly confident in my abilities and the install
The clutch seems to be adjusted fairly well. The engagement point is a little further out then I prefer but its not creeping or slipping.
2. speedo and tack work
3. She sounds wonderful - not relevant but she does :)

The bad:
1. I also added a ez pull but removed it after not being able to get the adjustment right after 3 days of trying. I never even got it out of the garage because it was creeping forward so bad that I wasn't going to chance riding it.
2. I dont have victory oil in it at the moment BUT I have always run it in the past and I have the kit so I'll be changing it tonight (I know I said 20 years but I'm also VERY impatient sometimes)

The Ugly:
1. The gear indicator isn't showing the gear number anymore. It shows neutral... but no gear numbers
2. She takes off like a banshee but at about 3500-4000RPM in both 2nd and 3rd (went around the corner so never went into 4th+), under hard acceleration, the bike sounds like it hits the rev limiter. Again, I didn't notice any slippage in low RPMs under hard acceleration but it almost sounds like its dropping out of gear and heading strait to the limiter except, its still in gear.

Obvious next step is to change the oil and check the clutch switch BUT has anyone ever heard of something like this? I've used all kinds of oil in my other bikes and while some oil is definitely better for some bikes than others, Ive never had the oil cause an issue like this.

The other thing is that I contemplated is changing out some of the other clutch components but this will come if it ends up being that I need to disassemble this thing again.

Thanks in advance!
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...turns out that after 20 years of riding and working on bikes, I can still forget to plug all the connectors in. haha, problem solved. Unfortunately there's no fix for old age forgetfulness.

I changed the oil, adjusted the clutch again, cleaned the cable AGAIN and went for a spin and it was still doing it so Im looking at the speedo and I realize that its actually not working and it hit me so I pulled over and sure as ****, I didnt plug in the connector on the top of the trans housing. Started her back and and BAM! she was back life running and shifting like a dream. Lucky for my marriage it started raining or I might not have been home for a few days :)
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