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I just posted this on their facebook page...

I have a theory:
There's a scene in an episode of Friends where Rachel takes a pregnancy test and is too nervous to look at it. She asks Phoebe to look and tell her. Phoebe lies and says it's negative. Rachel starts crying and realizes that she was more excited about having a baby than she thought. Then Phoebe tells her the truth (that she is pregnant) and tells her that she wanted her to realize "how she really felt".

OK, so I'm crying about the base XR getting cut. I know now better than ever how much I love the XR. My theory is that at some point in the near future you guys at Victory are gonna scream "Psych!" and show us the 3 or 4 new colors of the XR for the 2013 line. We're all gonna have a good laugh about it and then I'll probably trade my black 2011 XR in on a new white one or one with flames. :):)

After Phoebe tells Rachel the truth, Rachel says something to the effect of, "That's a dangerous game your playing". Well Victory, this a dangerous game your playing. So don't wait too long to show us the new XR!
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