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Designed to give you a smooth ride no matter what kind of seat you have attached to your bike, Pro Pad Sheepskin seat pads are ideal for anyone who wants more comfort, but doesn’t want to shell out big money for a complete replacement seat. Made in the USA, the real sheepskin upper layer is advantageous for its natural water repellent properties and temperature isolation: your butt will stay warm when it’s cold out and cool on warm days. Under the sheepskin you’ll find a vicoelastic dry polymer (not foam or gel that can degrade over time) to absorb shock and vibration providing you all the comfort you want.

The attachment method is simple too: a strap runs across the front of the pad and two more stretch anchors can be attached to a reliable bolt, bracket, the OEM seat or to each other so the pad stays in place. The non-permanent attachment means you can leave the cover at home on short rides and quickly add it to your bike when going cross-country.

Available in four sizes to suit a wide range of motorcycles:
Small 7W x 10L (your passengers will thank you)
Medium 14W 10L
Large 16W x 12L
X-Large 16W x 18L

These are not yet available on our website. Call TJ at 866.931.6644 ext 817 to get your shipped fast. You can also email us: send those to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with PROPAD in the subject line and please let us know what size pad you want.

Kit includes pad and two stretch attachment anchors.

The bottom of the seat is covered with a grippy rubber compound so it won’t move around on top of your bike’s seat.

Sheepskin is as luxurious as it is soft.

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