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Just wanted to give a shout out to today. They sold me a pair of Firstgear heated gloves in October. The last time I rode the left one gave out.

Last weekend, I emailed Doug in Marketing at who emailed me my original receipt back in October and he promptly got me a UPS label for return of the gloves and said a new pair would be on their way as soon as the return is received.

I like good customer service.

On a secondary note, if anyone knows how to make a durable pair of heated gloves, they should apply for a patent immediately. I love heated gloves. My last pair was a set from Harley. They were great. They had large openings that fit perfectly over my jacket sleeves. They also seemed to self regulate. I know they couldn't have, but they never overheated my hands in warm weather and my hands never got cold in frigid weather. After about a season and a half, the left one died.

These Firstgear have a much smaller opening that I have to really force over my jacket sleeves and they behave more like I would expect i.e. they fry my hands if I leave them on as the temp rises and I get in stop and go traffic and below mid 20s, their effectiveness wanes.

Anyway, on both pairs it's the left that dies. I figure it must be due to all the clutch work. Anyone else ever have this issue?
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