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i have a 07 vegas and am wondering what all it would take to convert it to a jackpot? really waanting to do it, just dont know what it will take.
might be easier just to trade your vegas for a jackpot. and plus you'd have a warranty. not that it can't be done but why not let the experts do it?

The Diamond
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JP/Hammer 33T widewld drive sprocket

JP/Hammer swingarm and bearings

JP/Hammer rear axle and nuts

JP/Hammer drive sprocket cover

JP/Hammer/Custom rear fender

JP/Hammer OEM rear tire or Metz 260/40R18

JP/Hammer final drive belt

JP/Hammer Exhaust

Probably longer rear brake line

You will need to cut and weld in a JP/Hammer fender frame.

Scott at Conquest Customs can help you out more. Click the link in my sig.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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