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I picked up my 2013 XC from the local dealer on a Friday and immediately headed out with the wife on a trip to the ocean in Southern NJ. Bike had to sit outside that night and there was one heck of a rain storm. Next morning I noticed moisture behind the radio display - did not think too much of it. However, it did not go away over the next couple of days.

So I took the bike in on Monday for the 500 mile service and mentioned the moisture in the radio display (because it was still there). Dealer went back and forth with Polaris over the next 2 days and they said some moisture is normal, but not for that length of time. So they agreed to replace.

Dropped the bike off this morning to get replaced. Dealer called, display is replaced, but there is one line in the display that does not work !!! UUGGGHH !!! So now I will have to take back to dealer again the get another one.

Other than that ... no issues ... LOVE IT !!

Anyone else have similar problem ?
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