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So, I feel like I'm asking a ton of questions that I should be able to find on here or Google.. I swear guys I have been searching all over the place, I just don't quite understand or can't find my exact question.

I have a 2010 hammer 8 ball. Pretty much stock everything.

I'm changing my rear turn signals to a led bar under my fender.

These are the lights I acquired --

I realize these are a cheaper pair, I bought them either from here or facebook.

Anyways, my question is do I need a load equalizer ? It came with resistors, and I know about the hyperflash issue and I realise that I'll need to wire them up to not have it.

My question is, will I still have the auto cancellation when I turn? Or do I have to buy something to keep this.

These are aome of the things I have found --

Thanks in advance. I'm sorry I feel dumb for having to ask this question.
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