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I posted this on another Vision message board; and would like to post the idea and modification here as well.

Although I can live with the side view area's of the Visions mirrors, I dislike not being able to quickly see immediately behind me. I'm going to install a rear view camera; seeing a good U-Tube review on this one: will be crafting a bracket to install the camera above my license plate; and will figure out a way to install the monitor a little forward (while still being attached) to the middle of the top dash shelf.

The rear camera monitor is not going to be used as a primary means for clearing traffic to the rear. The mirrors do that quite adequately (at least to the sides and parallel to the bike).

The monitor will be used as a supplemental device. You can't see a car speeding behind you well enough while at a stop; just with the mirrors, on the Vision especially with the trunk mounted. nor will it be used exclusively while in motion; a quick glimpse of it while scanning gauges (we all do scan gauges, right?) is not hard to incorporate in the instrumental field of view on the Vision.

It's not going to affect my ability to ride safely. It's just another option that's available; if one has the ability to safely use it. I can rub my belly with one hand, chew gum and pat the top of my head all at the same time; so I think that multitasking on a motorcycle (we all do it) is not a problem. If one would have negative concerns about it, then it is definitely not for them and I would agree that one should not mount it for themselves.

Ad far as waterproofing the monitor goes; I'll wipe clear silicone carefully into areas of the monitors housing (where is splits. etc) to weatherproof it. It's be mounted on the lip of the visor over the instrument cluster and while moving, fairly protected from inclement weather. I've used a Garmin car type GPS in some very long; torrential downpours with no issue to the unit itself. While stopped, a plastic sandwich baggie works well and is very easy to slip over monitors such as this.

I'll take pic's later once I receive it and get it installed.

Anyone else have a rear mounted camera system on their Vision?
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