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I've had my gas tank on and off so many times I about wore it out, trying to fix the sending unit. Finally found out why it isn't working.

(1)The ground connection for the float arm of the sending unit was broken -- its a very thin strip (like a clock spring) connecting the moveable float arm to ground. Fixed it by replacing the broken spring strip with a very fine gauge copper wire (no weight - flexible).

(2) After much dry testing and reinstalling the tank and gas, only to find the sending unit was still registering Lo Fuel -- I finally filled a bucket with gas to test the sending unit in gas and out of the tank. What I found out is ----- the float is not floating in the gasolene. Now what good is a fuel gas sending unit float that won't float in gas?

I need some type of material to attach to the float to increase its buoyancy, but won't dissolve in the gas. Any suggestions?
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