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Removing O2 Sensor???

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I have a 2013 Cross County, lloydz timing wheel, Tri Oval exhuast, and Dyno Jet Auto-Tuner. I am sure this has been discussed before, but I am strongly considering removing the O2 Sensors. My only concern is will I need to worry about the check engine light coming on or the bike running too rich. Has anyone done this before and do you have any suggestions for me.
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I rode mine a 2013 XCT no mods for a year or more with no engine light. Our system is kind of "old school" when it comes to engine management. When disconnected it defaults to the "rich" side. So I did it trying to get bike to run a bit cooler. I didnt feel as it actually did. So I have them hooked up again. I really didnt notice any difference one way or the other. I will run more effeciant with them connected as it can adjust fuel mixture.
Not certain what you are hoping to accomplish?
The auto tune module requires the wide-band sensors that were installed with it to do further tuning.
I would contact dyno jet by email or phone to find out what the results of removing the sensors would be. I honest don’t know but they will.
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What Joe said, the autotune has wide band O2 sensors that it needs in order to function. Disconnecting them will disable the auto tune.What issue are you having that you think doing this is going to benefit you?
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