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un do the mufflers first. work your way to the heads and do them last
you might find something on youtube

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does anyone have directions on how to remove the stock pipes on the cross country?
I just took them off my 2013 XC. Your bike is new so it should be relatively easy. . .

First you must take off the bags on both sides.

Then the mufflers

Spray all the joints with penetrating spray, you will have to wiggle the mufflers off little by little.

Theres a bolt that has to be removed on the right side passenger peg, to remove a exhaust hanger/bracket.

To get the front pipe off you will have to remove the right floor board. Just two bolts, support the floor board with a box or piece of wood.

You may have to remove the right side of the front spoiler to...I think, but maybe not. . .

Then some clamps and the flange bolt.

It is not difficult.

This video will give you some help:

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