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Received a set of bag liners from just before a 3-day trip last week & thought that I would share my experience. My opinion on their performance is based entirely on this one trip.

I ordered the 3-bag set (both saddlebags & trunk) for my '12 XCT and paid $120 for the entire set delivered with embroidery on all three bags. I placed the order directly from as opposed to their ebay store.

The liners themselves are standard black ballistic-style nylon material. The web site has pics:

My opinion:

The Bad: (1) Shipping was very slow. Apparently one of the owners had a stroke & this has slowed them down a great deal. My liners took 6 weeks to be delivered. OTOH, users of the ebay store don't seem to have this problem as badly and one of the owners explained to me that that operation is set up differently.

(2) The liners fit well and are obviously custom made for the XCT's bags/trunk. That said, they could be a little longer; they don't completely fill up the bags. The width and height are OK, they just need a little more length. The liners' height comes right up to the top of the saddlebags so the space above that height (formed by the curvature of the lids) is not filled by the liners. For me, this is OK but might not be for other folks.

The Good: (1) Quality -- Very high quality throughout. Quality stitching, material, zippers, overall construction. I expect these things to last the life of the bike.

(2) Price -- Can't beat the price.

(3) Convenience features -- lots of little pockets throughout the liners. The lid on the trunk liner has so many of them that it can double as a trunk organizer. On the road, this was a very handy feature.

(4) Made in the USA. If that influenced your decision to buy a Vic (as it did for me), then this would be important to you as well. I am also partial to the small Mom & Pop shop.

(5) Quality of communications. The functioning owner was very communicative re: my order. Although it took a while, she kept me informed and I never worried that i was not receiving top notch treatment.

(6) Embroidery is free. Personally, I could care less about that but it made the squaw happy. Anytime I can make her happy for free is a win. You know how that goes...

Overall: I am extremely happy with this purchase and would recommend these liners to anyone. If I were to buy liners again and I needed them this season, I would buy the same product but from the ebay store for the faster shipping. If I didn't need them this riding season, I would wait until the demand drops off this fall/winter and order them from for the personal and custom service.

If buying again, I would also inquire as to having them custom made for another 2" in length. This would help with the overstuffing. Don't know how much of an additional cost that would be. I assume that custom orders would have to be placed directly through their website, not their ebay store.

Bottom line? If you're in the market for bag liners -- these are a good bet.

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Disclaimer: I have no connection to this company or any of its employees. Just a customer.

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I've had a set for a year and love them. thumb up
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